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theft / shoplifting classes The Alcohol Class  - Online MIP Alcohol Class

The Alcohol Class is an online class for youths who were cited for being a minor in possession of alcohl (MIP). This is not an alcohol treatment program, it is an alcohol education and awareness program. This is a four hour online class.The Alcohol Class

This class is completely self-paced, sign out and come back later, the computer will take you back to where you ended. That's right, work on it a half hour at a time, more sometimes, less others - you choose.


MIP Alcohol Class Curriculum (Minors Only)


Chapter 1: Introduction


Chapter 2: History of Alcohol


Chapter 3: Big Deal


Chapter 4: Levels of Use


Chapter 5: Who is at Risk


Chapter 6: Our Values


Chapter 7: The Choices We Make


Chapter 8: Making Up Your Own Mind


Chapter 9: Summary and Final Exam




Education Changes You

Change your thoughts and you change your world.

~Norman Vincent Peale
(1898 - 1993)