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An online education program focused on helping people learn alternative thinking and behavior which helps prevent future justice system involvement. Since 1983!


Anger Temper Talk™ - Online anger management classes.
Temper Talk™ is an online anger management class offered as an 8, 10 or 12 hour anger education class. And, we have a Court Acceptance Guarantee! Learn more about anger management class

theft / shoplifting classes "THEFT TALK"™ - Online theft / shoplifting classes.

Theft Talk™ is an online theft / shoplifting classes and is offered for juveniles as a 4 or 8 hour class and four adults as an 8 hour class. And, we have a Court Acceptance Guarantee! Learn More about Theft Talk

theft / shoplifting classes The Alcohol Class  - Online MIP Alcohol Class

The Alcohol Class is an online class for youths who were cited for being a minor in possession of alcohl (MIP). This is not an alcohol treatment program, it is an alcohol education and awareness program. This is a four hour online class.The Alcohol Class

Your class is completely self-paced, sign out and come back later, the computer will take you back to where you ended. That's right, work on it a half hour at a time, more sometimes, less others - you choose.


Professionals Who Refer


U.S. Dept. of Education: Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning

The U.S. Department of Education conducted a meta-analysis and review of online learning studies and concluded,

"The meta-analysis found that, on average, students in online learning conditions performed modestly better than those receiving face-to-face instruction."

The study is called Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online learning. A Meta-Analysis and Review of Online Learning Studies. Online learning

As one professional to another we want to assure you that we understand how important it is to make our online learning services user friendly for you and the people you refer. We also understand the desire to have meaninful, evidence based and helpful content. Our online anger management class , our online alcohol awareness class and, our online shoplifting class are designed to be one small part of helping the client make meaningful improvements in their life.

All of our classes are designed around the most potent of criminogenic risk factors - Attitudes, Values and Beliefs. Our philosophy is best summed up by the Norman Vincent Peale quote, "Change your thoughts and you change your world." We have a strong cognitive restructuring approach and strive to have each client complete our classes saying, "I never thought about it that way before."

One caveat is that we would like to ask your help and support over any attempt the client makes to suggest our service was not working. As we are sure you know, offenders may try to make the claim that our online learning system was broken, or outline some other error within our system, in an attempt to redirect attention off their failure to comply. If you ever receive a complaint of this sort please contact us. Our system has a 99.9% up-time and will work on their computer, smart phone or tablet device. If they do not have a web connected device, we suggest going to a public library.

Tracking - With our learning management system we can quickly and easily track and report on a clients' performance, progress and anger management class completion. You can call us to monitor your clients' class enrollment and progress.

Affordable - Our prices are clearly among the lowest in our field. We fully understand the financial barrier many people have, and maintain the notion that it is unethical to charge exorbitant fees. Further, if you use our online classest regularly we can offer your organization a personalized group discount codes.

Quality - With Outcome Alternatives™ quality reputation you can rest assured that our online anger management class, utilizes best practices, evidence based principles and a cognitive restructuring approach. Further, our anger management classes are only developed by experts in their field. Our anger management curriculum was developed by a Master's level practitioner with over 17 years of practical anger management experience.

Outcome Alternatives™ Referrals

Appropriate referrals to our Anger Management Class?
Of course you can refer any person you would like to our anger management class. However, as a guideline, we suggest you think of Outcome Alternatives™ for offenders who are "average", typical or first time offenders. As you well know, we are more likely to be successful with the less hardened, serious or chronic offenders. We try to make all of our anger management materials readable at the 5th grade level.

Click here for the Outcome Alternatives Referral FormOutcome Alternatives Referral Form

Confirming Client Completion When the person completes our class they are issued a Completion Certificate to present to you. Feel free to contact Outcome Alternatives™ to confirm client's completion status. You can also ask Outcome Alternatives™ to send a Certificate of Completion directly to you, (mail, email or FAX).

Our Certificates of Completion are extremely difficult to duplicate. For additional security, if we mal it to you, it is always embossed with our logo. Ask your client any of 10 questions to confirm s/he was the one who took the class. Contact Outcome Alternatives™ for a copy of "Ten Questions", with answers. (This is protected information - identity confirmation required.)

Outcome Alternatives™ asks a security question and obtains an answer to validate client identity and, at random times contacts the clients to confirm the security answer. You can ask our security question too. Contact Outcome Alternatives™ to obtain the security question and answer. (This is protected information - identity confirmation required.) support@outcomealternatives.com

Evidence Based Research

Implementing Evidence Based Practices

Evidence Based Juvenile Programs

What doesn't work? :

Edward Latessa, Ph.D. Center for Criminal Justice Research says, "Most researchers who study correctional interventions have concluded without some form of human intervention or services there is unlikely to be much effect on recidivism from punishment alone." Further, "Not a single reviewer of studies of the effects of official punishment alone (custody, mandatory arrests, increased surveillance, etc.) has found consistent evidence of reduced recidivism."

Using research and evidence based interventions is essential, not only to demonstrate the effectiveness of our programs but also, an ethical responsibility. Our position is that we have a mission critical responsibility to provide the best, evidence based anger management and theft/shoplifting services possible.

What does work?:

The research community, and virtually all of the relevant journals, overwhelming demonstrate the Outcome Alternatives™ curricula which:

a) uses education and,

b) follows a cognitive restructuring or cognitive behavior modification model, will provide statistically significant change (results).

Simply stated, Outcome Alternatives™ maintains a fundamental belief that all clients must be treated respectfully and are seeking a better life. Our approach is to help them assess their own attitudes, values and beliefs. The research indicates that the Outcome Alternatives™ cognitive model develops an awareness that results in an attitude change and subsequent pro-social beliefs and behaviors. The data also shows that these changes occur across male and female, juvenile and adult and among low, medium and high risk offenders.

Outcome Alternatives™, as an agency, has a research, criminal justice and counseling psychology background. All staff are supervised by a Masters level Counseling Psychologist. We are comprised of staff and consultants from a variety of disciplines including parole, probation, psychology, social work, counseling, corrections, and a research analyst.


They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.

Andy Warhol (1928 - 1987) ,
The Philosophy of Andy Warhol



Our Philosophy


Change your thoughts and you change your world.

~Norman Vincent Peale
(1898 - 1993)